April 19, 2018
Getting involved in the technologies of the future
By: Vatsal Sinha

I’m excited about how technology is changing the world.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland and the core of our degree was technology. I was surrounded by people who were passionate about technology. The kind of people who build stuff at home as hobbies.

Through some of our Uni projects I really saw how technology is changing how we live.

One example was a project through the society Engineers without Borders. You work on technology solutions to help disadvantaged communities and you might might have the opportunity to go to third world countries where they need technology to help them with their lives. One of my friends worked on a water cleaning automatic robot which they built in Bangladesh. It really sparked my interested in what technology can do.

Another example which fuelled my love of technology was in my final year in Uni when we worked on interconnected devices. This is all about how smart cities are built with sensors everywhere. So, you can monitor traffic lights, you can monitor if a water pipe is broken and all that is connected to the internet.

But it’s not just smart cities but smart agriculture where you can place censors on cows to see how much milk they’re producing. Or smart homes where you can turn off your lights when you’re not at home or automatically open your garage when you’re approaching your house.

It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) and is an area that I’m really interested in. Everything is going to be connected in the next 10-20 years. When I was leaving Uni I wanted to continue this exploration into various technologies and explore the possibilities of what we can do.

Since joining Accenture Technology less than a year ago, I’ve gained experience in a few areas of technology.

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My first role was with a large media company where I was doing a lot of data quality assessment to help them judge and more efficiently capture data. This in turn helps them better inform customers and target them with more relevant products to suit their needs.

My next role was with a music licensing company – for artists to register his or her song here in Australia. We helped this company build a software platform to manage that more efficiently. Here I helped to do some .NET/ C# coding. I had done similar coding at Uni.

Then I moved to a project with one of the big banks which I’m currently working on. Here I’m a technical business analyst. We are essentially building a digital bank using an Oracle product, which is again all about data. So when you apply for a loan or a credit card, we are helping to build a platform for credit decision to make it easier, more efficient and faster.

I’m still really interested in IoT and although I haven’t been directly involved with in here in Accenture – there is lots happening that I can explore.

IoT sits with Accenture Digital and Mobility and I can still reach out to the teams to see what they’re working on. I was able to attend a vendor presentation about IoT which was so interesting and I also met a senior leader in the area who explained what Accenture is doing around smart agriculture and how they’re building teams in Sydney and Melbourne.

I've done training on Raspberry Pi which is a platform for building IoT projects. Accenture also has lots of training in it's online learning portal where you can learn more about this topic. If you are really interested in a certain area of technology, you might not be able to work directly on it until an opportunity comes up. But you can always do it in your own time.

Accenture is also building its capabilities in AI and Robotics and there is lots of training in all these areas. So in this regard, Accenture has been so good to me and given me the opportunities to learn and explore the technologies I'm interested in. But it's only what you make of it. It's only as good as you make it. If you're initially not working directly in an area you're really interested in – you need to connect with the people who are working in that area. You have to make your own path and follow what you want to do.

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