August 14, 2017
My flexible work arrangement
By: Gina Minatel

"Flexible working arrangements" is one of the many great initiatives Accenture offers. Flexible working arrangements can be applied to many different people in a number of different situations, and my example is just one of many. For the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to flexibly work between my client site and with the Accenture graduate recruitment team.

So you are probably wondering how did this all start? At Accenture you get the opportunity to participate in a range of activities outside of client duties, if you have the capacity. Graduate recruitment is one of the areas that I have been assisting, and I was given the chance to explore this area further. I really like delving into an area like graduate recruitment, as it is different to my every day duties, and I get to see how recruitment works from a different perspective. It has made me appreciate the time and effort the recruiters take, to ensure they are getting the best people for not only the role but Accenture and the person themselves.

Hopefully I have also been a positive influence on students seeking graduate roles. Whilst I was at university I studied a Bachelor of Science. During my studies, I never thought a company like Accenture was ever an option because I thought my studies were not relevant. I am glad I got the chance to speak to Accenture representatives when they were at my career fair, as this changed my perspective. I love my role and my experiences so far, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Diversity within Accenture is so important and I feel that although my role is different to what I studied, my opinion is valued because I can see things in a different light, as well as having the right training and people to assist me along the way with tasks or roles that might not necessarily come second nature. Everyone at Accenture has their story which is unique and makes work interesting. I love working with a variety of different people from a range of different backgrounds and cultures.

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