March 21, 2017
Finding the right balance
By: Gina Minatel

As expected life can be full of different types of stress and some weeks are more hectic than others. Thankfully, there is a heap of resources like the internet or books that offer multiple ways to relax, regenerate and get down time. After a year at Accenture I have conjured my own way of having a good work life balance, some of which are listed below.

  1. Write down the tasks that you need to get done for your work and personal life and prioritise them, it will ensure that the most important work gets done first.
  2. If the tasks you have been assigned do not have an end date or a reoccurring date, set dates yourself.
  3. Set aside one night a week to dedicate to work responsibilities (if needed), this way you can plan social activities around this day and still do the work that needs to get done.
  4. Have a hobby, it is a good way to give your brain a break and is a good way to relax.
  5. Playing sport in a team is a good way to unwind and kill two birds with the one stone, catching up with friends as well as exercising
  6. Think positive and focus on good thoughts, it will assist you when times get tough.
  7. Eat healthy, sleep regularly and laugh often

At Accenture there are programs in place to help our people work flexibly and recognise when someone needs support. Find out more here.

Our applications for 2018 are now closed but there will be more opportunities in the future. Let us know you are still interested by registering here.

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