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July 22, 2016
A fantastic stepping stone for new graduates
By: Cyndi Sue

After completing my bachelor of project management at the University of Sydney, I joined Accenture as a business analyst in 2016. It was not until I started looking for graduate jobs that I learned about Accenture.

I found out that Accenture was among the top 100 graduate employers, and for 2015, it was rated the number one for consulting. I also found out that Accenture is a leading consultancy firm that could give me the opportunity to work with top tier clients on large projects.

I am currently engaged in ongoing stakeholder management with a client. The project I am working on uses Agile methodology, so I am learning to use software such as JIRA to work in an agile environment. I am also involved in change management and in executing complex internal client processes. This is my first role.

The training and experience that I am gaining from working with Accenture allows me to exceed my potential and choose my own career. As part of my training, I have taken the MC Analyst Essentials course, which ran over four days in a virtual class. The training covered how to use all of Accenture’s internal sources as well as practice on a mock project to prepare us for our first client. We worked in interstate groups on a case study, then conducted research and client interviews before presenting our recommendations to the client.

I knew that at Accenture I would have a career full of variety, challenges and great people. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have been taking on every task that comes my way. Instead of sticking to small tasks, I have been encouraged to display leadership and take on real responsibilities.

At Accenture, you get paired with a mentor, people advisor and career counselor who are all there to answer any questions you have. You always get support. So no matter what project I am on, I have someone to guide me and make sure I am getting the most out of my role. Being a graduate at Accenture means that I am part of a large group of other graduates who have had some amazing life experiences and who are taking exciting career paths.

I have also had many opportunities to attend events and meet other people across my operating group and account. There are Friday night drinks with other graduates where we talk about our experiences and what we are working on. There is also an endless amount of information and resources at our disposal. Accenture has its own version of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, all there for work and to build a career.

So far, Accenture has been lots of fun and I can’t believe the number of people I have met (and I have only been here for a month). Accenture employees are great listeners, motivators, challengers and relationship builders. They are also intelligent and considerate of your career. Everyone that I have met loves being part of Accenture and that positivity shows through our performance.

Without a doubt, Accenture has been a fantastic place to start my career.

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