March 27, 2018
Everything is different – and that’s what I love
By: Minqian Tan

Deciding what career to pursue is a tough decision.

When I was leaving Uni, I found choosing something that I could potentially be doing for the next 30 or 40 years of my life totally overwhelming. Who wants to be stuck doing the same thing over and over again for 40 years?

I had graduated in electrical engineering from the University of Queensland and I knew I wanted something “different”. I found my engineering degree exhausting and after four years mainly being stuck at my laptop – I wanted a change. I wanted to work in a job that I could use my engineering and technology qualifications, but also engage more with people and try new things.

I also wanted to work in a more diverse environment. At Uni there were only about six girls in my class of about 100 guys.

So the day I attended the Accenture graduate workshop and they told me that at Accenture “every day is different” – it immediately touched me. It was exactly what I wanted. A career in technology but with a difference. I wanted diversity of projects, diversity of the type of work I’d be doing and I wanted diversity of people.

Minqian Tan and the Accenture Team

After attending the Accenture workshop, I was offered a role in Operations which was to be a bit of consulting and a bit of technology. After six months with Accenture, it really has lived up to its statement that every day is different.

Accenture works across all different areas and all different companies with many projects happening at the same time. You can jump across rows and you are constantly challenging yourself because you are moved out of your comfort zone.

My original role and title is cloud transformation migration. However, I spent three months with a client doing data analytics. Working with the software, consolidating all the data and analysing the logic behind it. So although I’m working with teams and clients, I’m still doing the technical work.

A year ago I would never have imagined that I would be doing data analytics. It’s been great to have three months’ experience to explore this area and now I can jump and explore another area.

Technology is changing everything. I have a passion about learning about the latest technologies. AI, Blockchain, Security, Cloud, Robotics, Infrastructure. These things are replacing the traditional labours. It’s going to happen 10 years in the future and they are areas I’m really interested in. And I can explore all these technologies here.

Even if you’re not working directly in these areas there are many internal events you can attend to get close to these technologies and see how they work. Also if I’m very interested in an area I can find out who is involved with it and I can approach them to have a coffee.

Accenture Year-End Party

I feel there is so much opportunity for women in technology at Accenture and I don’t feel in the minority here at all. Women from all different backgrounds sit down, grab some coffee or tea, chat about the latest technologies, and this happens every day.

I’m actually surprised by the percentage of diversity in this company. Not just gender diversity but so many different nationalities. Because Accenture is so big across the world you also have the opportunity to connect with global teams. When you’ve got questions you might reach out to the Chinese team, you might reach out to the Indian team, the European team. It’s just all different.

Happiness in Accenture

So my advice to grads would be if you’re very interested in challenges, have a personality that doesn’t like to give up and you’re willing to learn new things every day then come and join us!

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