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August 05, 2016
Do what you love to thrive
By: Kylie Burton

I joined Accenture in February 2014 after completing my bachelor of electrical engineering course at the University of Melbourne. My favourite subjects were maths and management/psychology (the two were taken as breadth subjects).

Just before completing my course, I attended a seminar on Alternative Careers for Electrical Engineers at my university. An Accenture representative was at the seminar, and it was then that I first heard of the company. I really liked the sound of Accenture as an opportunity to apply the skills I acquired in engineering (problem solving and analysis) to solve practical problems. I also liked the idea of workingclosely with people.

Since joining the company, I have worked in several roles in the human capital space. This has mostly been in change management, training and capability development, including accreditation, processes and communications. All of my roles so far have been for telecommunications clients.

Currently, I’m a management consultant in Melbourne, working in change management. Most recently, I developed and deployed a capability development program for a large telecommunications workforce. The project entailed practical problem solving, and it was an incredible and very rewarding experience. It felt great knowing that I was contributing to something that helps others learn and grow. To top it off, the team that I work with is awesome; they are like my family. Our clients have taken us for team activities, such as laser tag, Frisbee matches and escape rooms, to name a few. We are a tight-knit group and I love coming to work in this friendly and collaborative environment.

Working at Accenture is better than I imagined. I envisaged that working for a “big business” would make you feel like a drop in the ocean. The reality is that Accenture people are great. They are willing to support you and help you find and thrive in the roles that you seek. Unlike many companies, Accenture is willing to give you the opportunity to stretch yourself and grow. I thrive in roles where I feel challenged and a little out of my depth; Accenture has been willing to give me these roles and provided me the support to succeed.

I absolutely recommend Accenture to friends as a place to work. Accenture is for highly motivated individuals who seek challenges and rewards for their work, and who wish contribute to something greater.

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