February 23, 2018
Never stop learning: Dimple’s grad story
By: Dimple Vagal

I’m Dimple Vagal, an application development senior analyst at Accenture. Here’s my story on why we should grab opportunities that come our way.

In my first year at Accenture, I’ve had the opportunity to work across Australia and New Zealand in various industries such as financial services, agriculture, IT security and government. I learned how to deal with people from different backgrounds and with different interests. I also learned new IT skills such as agile business processes and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and using different software programs.

The most memorable thing I did over the year was being part of a team that successfully implemented a operational system that help the client be more productive and achieve targets. It is very fulfilling to see something finally coming to life after the long hours the team puts in to create a working system. You will never stop learning. Each project is different, and there is always something new to learn so you will never stop upskilling.

Dimple talking with colleagues

Flexibility and opportunity to travel are among the things I like about working for Accenture. The company accommodates its people’s needs, so we get to be flexible in terms of work hours and location. We also get opportunities to travel to different countries and cities for projects. The flexible working environment allows us to make time for ourselves and our personal growth. We can study and work at the same time.

For all future Accenture grads out there, there are plenty of opportunities at Accenture—a lot of new things to learn. You might even come to enjoy the experience! If you’re in your first year, take every opportunity you come across. Be more open to the different opportunities that present themselves.

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