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May 30, 2016
Different roles, different industries, travel
By: Arun Damodaran

I joined Accenture in September 2015 at the Melbourne office after completing my Master’s degree in Information Systems (MIS) from The University of Melbourne. I’m working as a Software Engineering Associate and although it has just been 5 months in Accenture and I am already in love with Accenture and its people.

Ever since I stepped my foot into the IT industry I knew Accenture and the possibilities waiting for me here. Before applying for the Accenture graduate program I did my research and found that the values I uphold are similar to the Accenture values. Also the response I got from my friends working in Accenture was stupendous.

So Accenture was my dream company since my undergrad degree. The reputation Accenture have within and outside the organisation, combined with my desire to achieve my dream made the decision to join easy.
So far, I should say, I am happy with my decision.

The Accenture graduate role allows you to have control of your career. If you are ambitious and would like to take charge of your career, then Accenture is the best place for you. The second most important aspect about working at Accenture are the people. We’ve got highly experienced people who, despite of their busy schedule, would like to spend time with you and guide you so that you achieve your goal. The work environment is excellent. The people are easily approachable and can help you bring the best out of you.

Since starting at Accenture five months ago, I got the opportunity to work in two entirely different projects.
My first role was with one of the big Telcos as an Iteration Manager. It was a BA role. I had a shaky start, as it was my first project. However, my manager, understanding my nervousness, took some time out of work to sit with me to discuss my strengths and weaknesses. He guided me to use my strength to overcome my weakness. After two weeks, I was confident on my role and could contribute efficiently to my team and the project goal.

My second role, the current one, is with a large financial services company as an Application Monitoring Analyst. It is a highly visible role with stakeholder engagement, working closely with the client. The challenge I faced here was that, I come from software background and it is an infrastructure project. Here as well, my manager helped me to understand the background and the approach to be taken. I am glad, that was able to value add to the project with improvised ideas. I was able to cope up with the challenges and deliver, thanks to my manager for his guidance.

The key take away for me from the projects are to take up the challenges and opportunities thrown at you and give it your very best shot. Secondly, people are always ready to help you so speak up and ask for guidance when required and build relationships so that you can easily approach people when you need help.

For me the most important skills are to have the right mindset to see the opportunity and be proactive in taking right steps to build your career. You need to be confident to thrive in the challenging environment. There will be people to help and guide you but you need to build relationships to get most out of them.

Working at Accenture has delivered more than what I expected. I got opportunity to get my hands dirty on different roles, in different industries and I got the opportunity to travel. Above all, I got the opportunity to learn from different people.

For me, Accenture is its people. The people whom I interact with represent Accenture to me. Diversity is key in this aspect. It’s a place where you will find the best people with diverse ideas, working towards a common goal to bring the best out you.

There are many training/learning opportunities available in Accenture.
I am aligned to Oracle DTE. I got the opportunity to subscribe to ORACLE ULS (Unlimited Learning Subscription) which opens up the door to expand your knowledge on lots of technologies. At the same, I have been following many groups through learning boards, which provides wonderful learning opportunities. ‘My learning’ is another brilliant tool to register and undertake any learning activities. I have also attended classroom training on ‘Agile University’.

The key trait I have seen in many of the Accenture employees that I have met so far is that they are always willing to help, share their knowledge and wisdom.

It’s not all work. Outside of Accenture I enjoy playing badminton, pool and poker and regularly hitting the gym to keep myself healthy and fit.
When I have nothing to do, I keep myself busy reading books. I am a lover of house music as well and go for road trips every now and then with my friends.

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