March 09, 2016
Day 9: Studies show that diverse teams make better business decisions. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd
By: Nicola Campbell

A diverse workforce is the best workforce for your career. According to numerous research studies, being around more socially diverse groups makes you harder working, more creative and more diligent. Numerous studies have shown that diverse teams make better business decisions.

Clever employers recognize the power of a diverse workforce and as such look to hire people from different ethnic backgrounds, studies, gender, sexuality and physical capabilities.

It’s important when applying for positions that you don’t try to hide who you are but rather demonstrate your strengths or highlight how your unique attributes will be an asset to an employer.

Accenture not only embraces inclusion and diversity but sees it as a powerful catalyst for the success of the organization.

Accenture is known for being one of the most inclusive, progressive companies in the world. It ensures equal treatment of all employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

It’s worthwhile for candidates to look into the inclusion policies of the employers they are applying to, to ensure they can do their best work in an inclusive environment.

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