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March 07, 2016
Day 7: How to write a concise cover letter
By: Kim Luu

Less is more for your cover letter.

Don’t write a long rambling cover letter because the people you are sending it to may not have time to read through them all.

While the cover letter is important – the contents of the CV is more important.

For us the cover letter is not as important. Depending on how long it is, we’ll skim through it absolutely. But it’s the contents of the CV. Skills and experience, laid out in an easy to read format. You can see the timing, their study, that’s more important than the way they have constructed the sentence.

For Accenture, focus on your CV and make sure it’s really good. I would recommend having an introductory paragraph at the top of your CV.

When writing your cover letter here are some important tips

  • Keep it short

  • State the position you are applying for

  • State where you saw the position advertised

  • Briefly highlight your value – and how you think you can help the company

  • Try and infuse some personality

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