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March 04, 2016
Day 4: Rejection doesn’t mean failure - be prepared
By: Kim Luu

Rejection is a strong possibility when it comes to applying for graduate positions. With thousands of graduates applying for a small pool of positions, the good majority of candidates will not receive an offer.

But that doesn’t mean such candidates have failed – nor does it mean they can’t move forward from the process in a much better position for success later on.

Studies have shown that candidates often try for more than twenty roles before successfully landing a position. The graduate process is competitive and will put you up against a diverse range of talented candidates.

I would recommend that candidates do as much as they can to learn from the process – to take any feedback from the hiring managers on board, and to honestly and analytically look at why you received such feedback and what you can do differently next time.

The graduate application process is the first in your career path – it’s important to embrace and learn from it rather than let it daunt you or knock you.

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