March 02, 2016
Day 2: Trying to decide which company would be good to work for? Here are 5 questions you need to ask.
By: Nicole Lange

As a graduate, you may not always be completely familiar with the employer’s you’re applying to work for.

As such, it pays to do some solid research before applying for graduate positions – to firstly ensure it’s a position that’ll offer the kind of opportunities you’re seeking, and secondly to use your CV and application letter to address the key values and focus areas of the organisation. For example, Accenture has a wide range of areas that may be relevant to you, including strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. It aims to promote innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

Below are five questions to consider when researching a potential graduate employer.

  1. What is the key value proposition of this organisation? What industries does it work in and what are the range of roles available?

  2. What are the recent wins of this organisations – in terms of new clients, acquisitions and general performance? The news and media releases section of a company website will help, as will following the business news

  3. Does this employer offer opportunities that can set me up for a long-term career? Can I see myself with this employer beyond five years?

  4. What kind of international opportunities does it present, and/or can it provide opportunities to move into different sectors of the business?

  5. What kind of work have previous graduates gone on to do?

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