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March 10, 2016
Day 10: Check, check and check again

You’ve spent hours on your application, now don’t destroy all that hard work with simple errors.

Spelling and punctuation errors are sloppy and say big things about your attention to detail – as well as your future ability to communicate with clients. Ask a friend to check over your application, or at least read through your CV and written

Remember, numerous errors can come up in an otherwise clean CV when you tailor the same document for a number of different applications.

Ask a friend to read over your application – and/or at least read through it three times yourself before hitting send. Ensure you’ve allowed enough time for a comprehensive checking process.

But checking your application doesn’t end with looking for spelling mistakes.

Go back over the original job advertisement or graduate position criteria. Have you supplied all the relevant materials? Have you addressed all the relevant criteria? Have the attachments been uploaded correctly? Write down a personal checklist to ensure that everything that should be covered off is covered off.

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