June 23, 2017
Daunting, exciting, and empowering. My journey with Accenture.
By: Sejal Jamnadas
Daunting, exciting, and empowering. My journey with Accenture

Every journey at Accenture is different. Read more about Sejal’s below!

  1. Tell us more about your current role
    I am currently a Management Consulting Analyst aligned to Resources in the ANZ Supply Chain Team. I'm currently working within the procurement team at an energy company that is currently going through a divestiture to form a new company.

  2. What has been your journey with Accenture?
    I attended Accenture Adventure at the end of 2015 with the intention of starting in 2017. I attended a range of Accelerate events from tapas, coffee and even a fun trivia night! This was a great opportunity to meet people who have already been working at Accenture for a number of years, as well as other graduates.

  3. What were you doing before you joined Accenture?
    I came straight from uni, having completed a dual degree in Corporate Systems Management and Finance. I was very much involved in uni life – in particular, I was part of an association called Enactus which developed social enterprise projects and pitched those business cases at national competitions. Right before starting Accenture, I took the opportunity to fit in travel around Asia.

  4. What would you say to someone considering the Accenture Adventure?
    Don’t go in within a competitive mindset – instead focus on building new relationships and being genuinely curious about other candidates and Accenture facilitators. Be ready with questions and also be ready with a short elevator pitch to succinctly describe your studies, achievements and what you’re looking forward to about joining Accenture.

  5. How did Accenture Adventure prepare you for a career in consulting?
    I remember that one facilitator mentioned the importance of intrapreneurship – and this has resonated and stuck with me all the way till today. You need to find ways to be creative within the company – network with as many people from across the business and find out how you can use your strengths to be different and innovative. We should completely leverage the Accenture network to carve our own career and create a unique impact wherever we may end up going.

  6. What’s a typical day in the life of an Accenture analyst?
    Generally, one single day can be a combination of daunting, stressful, exciting, boring and empowering. It’s normal to feel all these emotions as a newly joined analyst as most of us are still trying to figure out the culture, different personalities, how to deal with clients and trying to understand where your career is heading. Each day, you are honing a mindset which is resilient, open to new ideas, enjoys a challenge and sees each setback as an opportunity to learn something new and make you more comfortable about taking risks. You will never get it perfect, but as an analyst, you have a safe environment to ‘figure it all out’.

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