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January 27, 2017
Come on board with me on my Accenture journey!
By: Tash Lay

Starting my graduate journey with Accenture has been an experience like no other. I joined in early 2016 and began my journey as a Digital Business Analyst in the realm of Accenture Digital. At university, I studied Commerce and Information Technology, so it was only natural for me to gravitate towards this space at Accenture. However, the brilliant thing about this company is that your previous studies do not need to relate to the role you want to pursue with the firm. Many of my work colleagues studied in different areas such as law or linguistics and they are currently pursuing a career in technology – but more on that later!

We all know it can often be a daunting experience deciding what firm to be a part of once you say goodbye to university, but let me try and make your life easier. What made me choose Accenture?

Invest in me
One of the most important things that I look for in a firm is their willingness to invest in my development and training. I was recently sent to Chicago for two weeks to take part in Analyst training. Not only was I able to develop myself as a Business Analyst, but I was given the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the globe such as Dubai, Toronto, Paris and New York! This experience was absolutely life-changing but I’ll elaborate more on that in my next few posts.

Chicago At Chicago with my awesome colleagues from Dubai, Toronto and Melbourne!

Global network
Need I say more? Accenture has an incredibly powerful global reach, with a vast amount of offices scattered across the globe. This provides me with the opportunity to interact and work with colleagues from all walks of life and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Responsibility and trust
There’s always the fear that as a graduate, you might be assigned administrative or easy tasks. This is not the case at Accenture. One of their biggest selling points is that they truly put their trust in you. This can be seen by the level of responsibility that they provide you with, regardless if you are a graduate or not. On my first project, I had to fly interstate to present to our clients for a product sign off! Did I mention that I was about 3 weeks fresh to Accenture?

At Accenture, there is always an opportunity to travel if you want to. My previous project saw me flying interstate on numerous occasions. I even know some graduates who have flown to Germany or Korea for their project! Anything is possible at Accenture 

Every day is a new day and I mean that literally so. When you walk into the office, you never know what you are going to get… and that’s the beauty of it. Each project engagement will always be different to the next and I can guarantee that the last thing you will get is a repetitive and routine-like day!

VR Experience At R&D day, playing with Virtual Reality headsets!

Whether you are looking at joining Accenture or simply want to hear about my graduate journey, I cannot wait to share my experiences with you over the next few months!


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