November 27, 2018
Moustaches are changing the face of men’s health: Q&A with Mark Evans on why he’s growing his 12th Mo
By: Mark Evans

“Men aren’t all that great about talking about their health or the importance of getting check-ups” says Mark Evans, Managing Director, Accenture Technology.

It’s for that reason that Mark is passionate about highlighting the importance of men’s health and is the champion for Accenture's Movember efforts.

He is in the midst of growing his 12th moustache as Movember is committed to changing the face of men's health – in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

We talk to Mark about why he supports Accenture’s involvement with Movember.

Why does Movember matter?

Men aren’t all that great about talking about their health or the importance of getting check-ups. In Australia, Movember provides funds for a range of men’s health charities, including Beyond Blue, which focuses on mental health, and they partner with various cancer charities as well as directly support cancer research and programs including prostate cancer nurses.

How do people support Accenture’s Movember team?

Anyone can donate any time between now and the end of November. Check out Accenture’s Movember team website:

Let’s beat last year’s fundraising effort of $27,622.

Human Resource Mo Bros from Melbourne

Human Resource Mo Bros from Melbourne

What has been the impact of Accenture’s involvement in Movember?

Movember has funded more than 1,200 men’s health initiatives in 20 countries and has partnerships with 20 affiliated health organisations. Movember monitors its contribution through report cards which detail what they seek to achieve, key measures and the impact. Accenture is usually among the top technology fundraisers.

Mark, how did you get involved with Movember?

Accenture ANZ first participated in Movember in 2007 and our participation has been ongoing. There was a group of about 15 to 20 folks from the Telstra transformation project and we were working long hours. Movember was new at the time and one of our team had heard about it and thought it would be fun, so we got involved. We raised around A$12K in our first year.

How many Movember Mos have you had?

I became Accenture’s Movember lead in 2008. I’m currently growing my 12th Mo!

What’s it like to grow a Mo once a year?

I’m normally clean shaven. Truthfully, the moustache starts to irritate after about a week. My wife is not particularly enamoured with it. When I told her, I was growing my 12th moustache, she put on her sad face.

Have you ever had women participate?

Yes, we have! This year, we have several women on the team. One of my Accenture colleagues Michelle Dias is usually one of our top fundraisers. She puts on a Mo sticker and makes Mo cupcakes. These days with Snapchat filters, our Mo sisters can obtain a full moustache and help raise awareness for Movember.

When you meet clients what feedback do you get about Movember?

Over the years our clients have been hugely supportive, and this year my client offered to host a Movember morning tea.

When you see other men with Mos out and about is there a sense of comradery?

For sure – you give them a nod, like a ‘nice work, mate.’ The Movember Mos are usually the more outlandish moustaches out there.

Have you always supported charities, Mark?

I’ve always supported charities and volunteering like Hour of Code. Last year, together with Bob Easton and Peter Vakkas, we worked on the goal of increasing Accenture’s volunteering participation rate. I used my Accenture volunteering hours to work at the Salvation Army café in Melbourne. It was a humbling experience. I was a waiter and then did washing up. I really enjoyed engaging with the café patrons.

How do you be your best self at work and in life?

I go for a walk every morning aiming for around 15,000 steps a day. My wife encourages me to get a regular health check-up.

As men, we’re not always great with talking. That’s why I like R U OK? Day which Accenture supports and Movember’s MayEight initiative which encourages you to have a man date with your mates and get talking. We all try and catch up with our mates, but as you progress in your career and there’s a lot of expectation, it’s easier to become more isolated. You need to force yourself to connect with mates sometime and make that effort. I have a friend who organises regular catch ups and I really appreciate that.

Did you know?

  • ANZ first participated in Movember in 2007
  • More than 1,200 ANZ employees have participated
  • Have raised more than A$400,000 as a team

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