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August 12, 2016
Challenging and rewarding experiences
By: Amid Soleimani Yazdi

I am a technology consulting analyst with Communications, Media & Technology. I joined Accenture because of its reputation and the diverse opportunities it offers.

Before joining Accenture, I was completing my master’s course in engineering at the University of Melbourne.

The level of support I receive from managers here when moving into a new work discipline or changing my industry alignments is amazing. I appreciate the support I get, in both personal and professional development. Right after I joined the company, I was sent to Malaysia to train as a technology consulting analyst. In Melbourne, I attended courses on presentation delivery, and meeting and time management. I am scheduled to attend a training on using cloud software as a service.

The skills and knowledge I have gained through these training have been very useful. I used my time management skills when I worked at the Program Management’s Office (PMO) as a project management coordinator. Now that I have more experience, I am trying out a new role in research strategy. The role focuses on competitor intelligence and market analysis to help the strategy team make better decisions.

At Accenture, every challenge that comes my way is worthwhile. My very first project was so rewarding—I received positive feedback and I was able to form a huge network of friends and mentors.

Because of the training and networking opportunities Accenture provides, I would recommend the company to my friends. I know my friends can grow in an environment that supports graduates and a company that provides relevant, on-the-job training.

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