April 01, 2017
Applying for a graduate role? Here’s the advice from the grads who succeeded

Often the best advice is from people who have done it before. We ask three Accenture graduates who are a couple of years into their employment what advice they would give to grads who are applying for a graduate role today.

Taylor Lemke Taylor Lemke-Berry

Be your authentic self, recruiters can tell when you are overinflating yourself. It helped me to really talk about what I wanted from my career and I even became friends with my recruiter from it!

Fiona Sparks Fiona Sparks

Don’t just apply for every Grad role out there. Take the time to research the company, the culture, what sort of work you will be doing etc. to make sure the company is the right fit for you. Secondly, keep an open mind with what roles you would be open to.

Philip Phil Faraj

Don’t just apply for graduate roles because of the name of the firm. Sure, it’s great to have that firm’s name plastered on your CV, but ultimately, you’re much better off applying for graduate roles that are aligned to your interests & skills. A year ago, that sentence would’ve read “aligned to your interests, skills & degree”, but my first 12 months at Accenture have taught me that “degree” doesn’t really dictate where you can take your career. Take my case for example, I finished a Commerce Law degree, but spent the first 12 months rolling out a global e-Commerce solution in Australia, France & Germany for the world’s biggest electronics manufacturer. I certainly never saw myself implementing e-Commerce platforms, but within 12 months, I was flying internationally to run workshops with both clients & stakeholders, because I really enjoy presenting and sharing knowledge.

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