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May 31, 2016
I’ve always had an interest in technology, particularly where it intersects with heath care
By: Tess Calopedos

Hear from Tess Calopedos a former participant of Accenture Adventure.

  1. Why did you decide to apply to Accenture Adventure?

    Before joining Accenture, I was a social worker but had always had an interest in technology, particularly where it intersects with heath care. I was doing an internship at a hospital and saw the incredible influence that technology had on streamlining our processes. By chance, I found Accenture and fell in love with the place more and more when I was reading about the company’s values, particularly the inclusion and diversity; the ability to do corporate citizenship and Accenture Development Partnerships. Although management consulting is not a typical career for a clinical social worker, I knew I had to apply!

  2. What were the top 3 things you got out of the Accenture Adventure program?

    So many things… It’s hard to pick three! I really enjoyed the group activities! As it wasn’t a traditional assessment centre, it was difficult to not have fun and laugh and really pull together as a team. I loved learning about Accenture as a company. It was really effective to learn more information from the inside and speak to other graduates and people who loved Accenture as much as I do. And strange as it is, I made such great friends at Accenture Adventure. We met on the day and have continued to support each other from Accenture Adventure to New Starter to Analyst, I am certain we will be great colleagues as we move to the future. One of our values is Best People and if anything, this rings true every day at work. I’ve never met a more supportive, innovative, fun bunch of people which makes it easy to come to work.

  3. Why would you recommend someone else applying for the program?

    Consulting is one of the only types of work where you can be doing something completely different every single day. If you want a fun, fast-paced, challenging work environment, I would definitely recommend a career in consulting, tech or management. The program opened well ahead of the grad programs and was really enjoyable, I personally didn’t apply for any other graduate program after Accenture Adventure, I didn’t want to work anywhere else! For a really great day, meeting great people and with the added bonus of a job at the end, Accenture Adventure is highly recommended.

  4. What have you learnt since starting as a graduate in Accenture?

    So much. From core management consulting skills to upskilling my technology skills, from business acumen to making effective, aesthetic graphs in Microsoft Excel, to working as part of a team and working on client site, I learn new skills every single day. Accenture Adventure is the first day of the adventure. I’ve never worked in a place that has so many opportunities to pursue my passions, with like-minded individuals nationally and internationally. Applying to Accenture Adventure was the best decision of my career.

Applications for the 2017 Accenture Adventure are opening soon! Register your interest here.

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