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June 29, 2017
From Accenture Adventure to Analyst
By: Emily Mellor
How Accenture Adventure prepared me for a career in consulting

Learn the ins and outs of Accenture and the Accenture Adventure from Emily

  1. Can you tell me more about your current role?
    I am a Management Consulting Analyst in Products, currently working in the Change Management team for a Freight and Logistics client. As part of my role I am helping design communications about the project to be sent to the whole company to communicate what the project is and how it will affect people across the company. I am also responsible for planning team social events with another Analyst.

  2. What were you doing before you joined Accenture?
    At the end of 2016 I completed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Studies. At uni I was part of the Monash Boardriders club (surfing / skating / snowboarding), and was a member of the Surfing Uni Games Team in 2014 and 2015. After finishing uni, I ran a volunteer lifesaving camp for over 80 junior lifesavers and 40 staff, and then spent a summer working as a lifeguard on the Mornington Peninsula for Life Saving Victoria. Before starting at Accenture, I spent a month in Hawaii, hiking and swimming in waterfalls.

  3. How did Accenture Adventure prepare you for a career in consulting?
    The Accenture Adventure places a lot of focus on networking with your peers and working as a team to solve challenging problems. Working at Accenture is highly collaborative and a lot of importance is placed on networking because this helps you find project roles and gain access to the vast amounts of knowledge and experience available in the company. Project teams can be made up of people across the business, so you can work with very different and very talented people and could end up working with someone that you meet. For example, on my Accenture Adventure I met a consultant who gave me her business card. Now we happen to be working in the same team on the same project! The other Analyst I am currently working with I also met on my Accenture Adventure, and there are only two Analysts on this whole project.

  4. What’s a typical day in the life of an Accenture analyst?
    My typical day at my current client is to arrive at work in time for a team stand-up meeting with the client. Team members who have flown around Australia and the globe share status updates, and resolve any issues that may have arisen. Following this, I will talk to the other people in my team and update them on what I am up to and find out what they need assistance with today. At the moment, I have been using online tools to create professional-looking infographics and posters to communicate to the wider company. I will attend meetings and calls, and review my work with the consultants on my team. Every day is different, but is characterised by meetings, building content, and learning about consulting, technology and the Products industry.

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