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June 02, 2016
Accenture Adventure offered the perfect opportunity…
By: Meagan Lynch

We asked Meagan the why’s and what’s of her experience with Accenture Adventure, read about her experiences below;

  1. Why did you decide to apply to Accenture Adventure?

    I had been interested in Accenture for a while at this point and was keeping a constant eye on all employment opportunities with the company. I was halfway through my first year of my Masters when the Accenture Adventure applications came out and it offered the perfect opportunity to get ahead in a job applications allowing me the concertation to focus on the remaining year and a half of my Masters. It also was a very different application process than all other graduate programs.

  2. What were the top 3 things you got out of the Accenture Adventure program?

    The program gives you a taste of what would be involved in working for Accenture, something I don’t believe you get through usual recruitment. It’s a networking opportunity and finally a potential job with Accenture!

  3. Why would you recommend someone else applying for the program?

    The program gives you a good head start to becoming employed after uni, allowing you to prioritise your time before your commence. It was also one of the more enjoyable ways to be hired than any other interview process.

  4. What have you learnt since starting as a graduate in Accenture?

    The structure and culture of the company. What it means to be an Analyst and how to perform my role as an Analyst and how to be adaptable and fluid in the work place.

Applications for the 2017 Accenture Adventure are opening soon! Register your interest here.

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