February 01, 2017
3 things employers look for in university grads
By: Louise Klupacs

In today’s digitally-led world skills such as coding, data analysis and integration software are in high demand.

But in 2017, it won’t be just these technical skills that are important. Traditional “soft” and interpersonal skills are essential in the modern workplace.

Here are three skills millennials will need to master to be ready for the rapidly-evolving workplaces of 2017.

With the onslaught of social media, apps, pop-ups, notifications and mobiles our attention span and focus has decreased. With so many distractions at our fingertips – employers value people who can stay focused, don’t make silly mistakes due to distractions and can execute on a deliverable from beginning to end. Demonstrating that you can own initiatives from beginning to end will give your employer confidence that you can take this ability to the workplace.

Social skills
In an era of screens and automation, social skills and the ability to bring a “human touch” to the workplace is becoming more valuable. As more and more jobs become obsolete with the rise of technology, employers need actual flesh and blood and people with the ability to interact with others and work with the systems. Candidates who can function in a team-based, information-sharing environment will excel. Furthermore, effective networking is still one of the most important skills employees can master. So all that socialising you did in University instead of studying may not have been time wasted!

Willingness to learn
To be successful, flexibility and openness to learning something new is extremely important. With the rapidly-changing demands of modern work and the speed of change of the digital world, by the time you become an expert at something it will be time to learn something new. Therefore, employers need people who are agile and open to quickly learning new skills. The best candidates are individuals who demonstrate resourcefulness and will quickly move to plan B if plan A isn’t working. If you’re working in the digital world, the job you are doing in 2017 will very likely not exist in five years’ time.

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