In today’s fast-paced enterprise IT environment, support staff must be able to quickly identify and resolve server and system errors. Now, a new solution from Accenture is making issue resolution easier than ever while freeing up staff for more strategic tasks.

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into every aspect of the enterprise environment, including IT—and with good reason. In today’s competitive business world, keeping systems up and running is critical. IT support staff must be able to quickly identify errors and implement responsive solutions that eliminate downtime and ensure services are delivered accurately, effectively and on time. This can be challenging.

However, artificial intelligence—with its unparalleled analytical capabilities—is proving to be a valuable colleague and business asset for the humans who staff the IT department by helping them avoid server crashes and system failures while freeing up their time to perform more strategic activities.

A revolutionary solution

Accenture has just taken another step forward in AI-driven IT enablement by developing a hands-off IT support solution—the Intelligent Support Advisor. Prompted by nothing more than a voice command, this new technology interactively partners with IT support staff to quickly identify issues and recommend fixes.

Underlying the solution is Accenture’s integration of Alexa’s voice-activated assistant technology with an operational diagnostics and automation platform. This combination enables real time voice-activated monitoring and fast resolution of system issues. It’s the voice activation capability that makes the Intelligent Support Advisor unique, bringing the IT world closer to a touchless support service.

Like other artificial intelligence capabilities, the Intelligent Support Advisor helps users optimise their productivity and allows staff to take on higher-value work—such as the type of strategic and decision-making responsibilities that require human input.

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Intelligent Support Advisor has the ability to bring together data from various sources and provide it as useful information to employees. This helps employees make better decisions more quickly – enabling businesses using Intelligent Support Advisor to react quickly and with deeper insights to the organisation’s needs.

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