Blog authors

Chris Keune

Senior Manager – Security, ASIAM

Sumit Sharma

Managing Director – Industry 4.0 & Operational Technology, Australia & New Zealand

Tim Higgins

Lead – Customer Insights and Growth, Applied Intelligence, ANZ

Steven Kiley Bray

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations – Australia & New Zealand

Jon Ortiz de Zarate

Industry Lead – Communications & Media, Australia & New Zealand

Gastón Carrión

Managing Director – Global Natural Resources Talent & Organization/Human Potential Lead

Matthew Gollings

Managing Director – Global Defence Industry Lead

Eric Grayson

Lead – Accenture AWS Business Group, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East & Latin America

Tinke Wesseling

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting Supply Chain and Operations, Australia & New Zealand

John Harris

Quality & Risk Lead – Australia & New Zealand

Al Auda

Managing Director – Mainframe Modernisation Lead, ANZ

Tim Broome

Managing Director – Technology Advisory, Australia

"The rate of disruption will never be as slow as it is today, organisations need to evolve or risk losing out on opportunities, so how do they solve this complex challenge? I'm about to find out."

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Alasdair Gordon

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Australia

Amit Bansal

Growth Markets Lead – Data-led Transformation

Bernard Ash

Director of Innovation – Aerospace and Defence, Australia

Paul Mylon

Managing Director – Aerospace and Defense, Australia

Andrew Butterworth

Client Account Leader – Telstra

Luke Higgins

Managing Director, Automation Lead – Growth Markets

Mark Sayer

Managing Director – Security, Cyber Defence Lead, AAPAC

Chris McNally

Managing Director – Security, Health & Public Service Clients, Australia & New Zealand

Gururaj Ramachandra

Solution Architect – Health & Public Service, Australia

Lynne Storey

Commercial Director - ANZ

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