Andrew Woolf

Global Lead – Talent & Organization for Financial Services

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About Andrew

Andrew is a managing director at Accenture and the lead for Financial Services across Australia and New Zealand. Most recently, he was the global lead for Financial Services Talent and Organisation practice. In this role, he managed almost 500 professionals in 11 countries, and was responsible for the practice’s Future Workforce, Agile Organisation, and Workforce Experience & HR offering groups.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew graduated with a business degree from Aston University in the United Kingdom. He joined Accenture and has been with the organisation for over 25 years. He provides strategic consulting and solution development in the areas of learning transformation, outsourcing, the liquid workforce of the future, employee experience and agile change management for large-scale transformation programs.

He has worked in all aspects of talent and organisation—in Australia as well as Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States—but his primary focus is on large-scale HR and transformation programs. Andrew has served as the engagement lead for many innovative cross-enterprise programs that successfully put his clients on a new path to sustained growth. He currently works with large multinational banks, capital markets and insurance companies, but also has extensive experience in the retail, communications and public sectors.

An experienced and regular public speaker, Andrew has participated in speaking roles at Amplify, AMP’s Innovation Festival. Andrew has compelling views on workforce transformation, and in 2019 authored a blog series on the impact of AI on future IT workforces in financial services. Addressing fear resulting from changes in financial services workforces are amongst the other topics he has authored in his blog posts. Andrew shares workforce perspectives in the Accenture Embracing Technology in Financial Services podcast series, episode "Technology is not enough."

Outside Accenture, Andrew is a passionate rugby follower.

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