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Equality week: As equals, anything is possible

2022 Australia & New Zealand
Building healthier, happier, safer spaces and unlocking innovation through inclusion.

Building a future of shared success

Equality week highlights

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Inclusive workplace

Learn how we’re creating a barrier-free workplace.

Work at the heart of change

Choose a career with us, and together, let's create positive, long-lasting value.

Stronger families, stronger communities

Meet our families

Sarah Kruger, Chief HR Officer

We’re creating an environment where everyone can thrive and advance their career no matter when, where and how they work. Read more.

Amanda Ewing – Senior Manager, Human Resources

Even though James’s requirements are stepping up, it’s great knowing that Accenture’s flexibility allows me to feel safe and supported. Read her story.

Daniel Montgomery-Morgan - Principal Director, S&C

Accenture’s family friendly policies were a big reason for choosing to work here as we progressed further along the surrogacy process. Read his story.

Gunjan Mehta - Manager, Strategy & Consulting

I’ve found Accenture to be supportive, working part-time gives me flexibility to take my girls for their extra-curricular activities. Read her story.

Kimiko Murray - Manager, Strategy & Consulting

Accenture is a great company for supporting work life balance, I’ve been encouraged to take leave if I needed it during pregnancy. Read her story.

Sonu Thekkanadiyil – Manager, Cloud Transformation

Paid parental leave and the support for flexible working is one of the best benefits Accenture offers. Read his story.

Brad Smith, Marketing Senior Manager

I encourage all dads to take parental leave. If you’re offered it –spend time with your kids. It’s something you can’t put a value on. Read his story.

Vanessa Southwell – Managing Director, Technology

While raising our kids, I experimented with 3 days, then 4, then 5 days in 4. Each time I found the project and client leadership very accommodating

Savita Read – Managing Director, Technology

When I thought I was ready to come back, my baby was so little I didn’t want to put her into care, so I came back three days until she started school

Progressive employee benefits

Carers Support Leave

Up to 37.5 hours paid leave per year for employees caring for an unwell parent or adult; or for a person with disability.

Assisted Reproductive Treatment Leave

Up to 37.5 hours paid leave per year for employees trying to conceive via ART, including IVF.

Gender Affirmation Leave

Up to 20 days paid leave per year for reassignment surgery and related surgery preparations and post-surgery treatments.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Leave

Up to 3 days paid leave per year for cultural duties for employees who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

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