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Make a real impact with an Accenture Technology career

Being Greater Than means being able to implement and provide ongoing support of the best solutions for clients, no matter the scale of the challenge. Like the application management capability implemented for a large, global European bank’s human resources IT organization. Accenture exceeded the project targets by 113% delivering flexibility and stability for the bank's HR department.

As organizations look to improve their performance, they need to implement new software and embrace new approaches. Find out if you've got what it takes to be part of the Accenture Technology team that can help organizations make the transition with confidence.

Be Greater Than.


Accenture Technology

Hear the latest from some of our experienced professionals and discover what they have to say about working at Accenture Technology.

Your Accenture Technology Career

How is Accenture Technology positioned? The circles below will tell you more about roles, the experience, and Accenture Technology at large.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering professionals provide skills to design, develop and deploy applications. This can be for custom applications such as Java or for platforms and products such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday and many more, which can run on multiple channels such as desktop, web, mobile or tablet.

Technical Architecture

Technical architects review, assess and analyze existing architecture and application landscapes. They develop new target system architectures by combining innovative technologies such as Digital, NoSQL, Big Data and Cloud with established architectural concepts such as SOA to provide an End-to-End technical solution.

Business Analysis and Testing

Business Analysts bridge the gap between business and IT by analyzing existing business processes and defining target requirements. They derive, plan and execute tests to make sure that the target solutions meets the client requirements.

Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure professionals ensure the continuous delivery of IT Operations, Security, Network, Workplace Technology & Collaboration, and Data Center technology to ensure that critical applications can respond effectively and perform against the demands placed on them.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office specialist manages the financial and operational performance of the client account/contracts to achieve or exceed sales, revenue and profitability targets. They help to meet project goals and objectives as well as issues pertaining to project schedules, costs and quality criteria.

The Accenture Experience

As a Software Engineering professional you will play a vital role in bringing solutions to some of the world's most respected brands, companies and governments. Working with a global team, you will bring solutions to life across over 40 industries in more than 120 countries.

Working for Accenture Technology

Join us and help organizations respond to market volatility and achieve long-term profitability. You'll have the opportunity to analyze, design, build, test, implement and/or maintain multiple system components or applications for Accenture or our clients.


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