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Job Summary

End User Support for MME, MMS, MMB, CBP, MMB, MMR, MMP, DSM, CDL, D-ATM, MMD, MMC, Workbook ACS Tier 1 support team has expertise in both business processes and system procedures.  They are the first point of contact for end users seeking functional and technical support for DBS applications.  They know the business and are the “go to” people to answer process and system related questions.  By working closely with end users, the Tier 1 Support team can spot trends in terms of need for additional training and improvements to the training curriculum.  They are also well positioned to identify process changes improving how the system supports the business.

Key Responsibilities

  • End User Support Oversee the activities of the Global ACS Tier 1 support team which serves as the first point of contact for end users by providing expert-level support to functional, technical and process questions related to MME, MMS, MMB, MMR, MMP and others

    Answer questions coming from end users through MSTeams.

    Answer questions coming from end users through Service Now.

    TFS tickets for observed defects:
    • Provide defect status to impacted end users.
    • Retest and share out fixes for defects logged.

    Attend daily operations call to discuss logged defects, as necessary

    Continuously monitor Service Now and MSTeams inquiries to ensure all are promptly answered by 24/5.

    Work with Tier 1 Support Location and Silo leads to resolve complex questions and situations.

    Attend daily operations call to review logged defects.

  • Flexible and Strategic support

    Ensure additional workstreams and applications can be added to support model

    Develop, use and maintain effective technology to foster beneficial user experiences

    Strategic thinker, constantly looking for trends to develop solutions prior to need

    Constant team resource management. Maintain core team while hiring when required based on specific userbase or location need

  • DBS Application Release Testing

    Coordinate participation of team members in Product Test for major releases.

    Coordinate team participation in conducting testing prior to all minor releases.

    Coordinate team participation in assisting with the completion of cutover tasks prior to go-live of all new releases.

  • Reference Material Management

    Manage the assistance to Change Management teams for ongoing support, maintenance, and refinement of best practices, job aids, demos and other tools to support the use of Client to Market / ACS applications

    Manage MME training activities, including administration, logistics and training materials.

    Manage ad hoc training to end users.

  •  ACS Application Knowledge Sharing

    Serve as training faculty.

    Manage Ad-hoc training requests:

    Track training request.

    Schedule training.

    Monitor outstanding request to ensure trainings are scheduled and delivered.

    Manage recurring MME training to End Users, CFM - AEE, Transition, Shared and Dedicated

    Organize the administration, logistics and materials for on-going MME training sessions.

    Present training to end users.

  • Team Management, Process improvement and Status Reporting

    Manage and oversee Tier 1 team’s work.

    Coordinate work schedules to ensure optimal end user support.

    Provide to leadership the status on End User Support activity and provided weekly status of team’s completed tasks, work in progress, and next week’s scheduled activities.

    Drive efforts to continuously improve and optimize MME support processes and procedures.

  • Product Competency and Team Collaboration

    Develop and maintain a thorough understanding of DBS application functionality, including enhancements, backlog and future scope. i.e. MME, MMS, MMB, MMR, MMP and others,

    Develop and maintain relationships with End Users in an effort to stay connected to the pulse of the user community.

    Proactively and collaboratively work to maintain constant communication with other Tiers within the DBS Operation and Initiative teams.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Strong proficiency of Accenture financial systems.
  • Ability to use and understand: SAP, MME, MMS, MMB, CBP, MMB, MMR, MMP, DSM, CDL, D-ATM, MMD, MMC, Workbook.
  • Ability to communicate effectively:

    With resources from different organizations, geographies.

    With resources from different levels (executive presence).

    English proficiency is required (written and spoken).

  • Understanding of different roles that support projects:

    Program and Project Management activities.

    Staffing and Human Resources activities.

     Forecasting and Financial Concepts.

  • Technical proficiency in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, SAP Financials & Business Reporting.
  • Deep knowledge of how Accenture manages external client work.
  • Strong understanding of the CFM role within Accenture.
  • Good problem solving and analytical skills; demonstrate high attention to detail.
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Exercise calm and patience during high-stress periods.
  • Comfortable in working in a team collaborative environment.
  • Exhibit good follow-up and follow through skills.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule within a global team to support global users.
  • Ability to work on several problems simultaneously.
  • Demonstrate initiative and maintain a high degree of professional conduct at all times.
  • Ability to work with broad range of experience levels; excellent executive presence.
  • Must be a “self-starter”; strong administrative skills.
  • Strong technical aptitude.


  • Supervises: ACS Tier 1 L1 and L2 resources

    External Relationships:ACS Tier 2 and 3, CIO Operations, SAP OTC, Production Support Architects, CFM End Users, CFM SMEs, Delivery End Users, Finance Champions, Corporate Finance – Internal Auditors, External Auditors



  • Education: Accounting, Finance degree or related field is preferred.
  • Recommended Certifications, Licenses, etc.: None
  • Work Experience: 4 or more years
  • Work Requirements: Travel dependent on location.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements

    Technical Skills                                                                                                                    Proficiency

  • MME, MMS, MMB, MMR and MMP Application Knowledge                       Skilled
  • MMP, MySP, DSM, CDL, D-ATM, MMR, MMD, MMC                                     Skilled
  • SAP Financials Application Knowledge                                                              Skilled
  • SAP Business Reporting Application Knowledge                                             Beginner

    Business Skills                                                                                                                      Proficiency

  • SAP Finance Business Process Acumen                                                             Expert
  • Accenture Business Acumen                                                                                              Trained
  • Project Finances Acumen                                                                                    Beginner
  • Business Operations                                                                                             Skilled
  • Business Process Analysis                                                                                    Skilled
  • CIO Organization Business Acumen                                                                   Trained
  • Continuous Improvement                                                                                   Skilled
  • Organizational Acumen                                                                                       Trained
  • Project Management                                                                                           Trained
  • Relationship Management                                                                                  Trained
  • Teamwork and Collaboration                                                                             Skilled
  • Work Planning/Estimating                                                                                  Beginner

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