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Learning & Leadership Development

Lugar de trabajo: Buenos Aires

Regional Description: Argentina

Número de la posición: 00682616


- Descripción de la posición

If you join Accenture you can make great ideas happen for some of the world's most dynamic companies. With broad global resources and deep technical know-how, we collaborate with clients to cultivate ideas and deliver results. Choose a career at Accenture and enjoy an innovative environment where challenging and interesting work is part of daily life.
Our Enterprise workforce provides deep expertise to manage and operate Accenture’s business functions and support client teams.  They work in a wide range of functional areas including human resources, marketing and communications, finance, quality control, legal, IT, facilities and services.
Enterprise workforce professionals make sure we increase our earnings and grow as a company efficiently and effectively.  We must continually update our organization and evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace and achieve higher performance both for ourselves and our clients.  Our Enterprise workforce people play a leading role in our strategic and operational programs, acting as the agents of change within Accenture itself.
We need people who can challenge conventional wisdom, offer unique perspectives and conceive more innovative solutions for our business.

Job Description:  


What excites you about Mondays? 
Is it the promise of learning something new?  Is it the opportunity to immerse yourself in complex problems, knowing that just maybe, today might be the day for a breakthrough insight?  Is it the opportunity to partner with smart people who make you laugh, while you drive meaningful change?  Is it knowing that someone else’s life will be made better tomorrow because you are choosing to show up for work today?  
If that sounds like you, keep reading. 
(And if not, that’s OK too.  There are lots of other jobs out there!)
We Need:
Smart, curious, innovative, fun people to join our Learning & Leadership Development team.  
We Have:
  • A bias for quick action, experimentation, and iteration.
  • A passion for learning science and the capability to apply it at speed and scale.
  • A belief that creativity and innovation start with psychological and physical wellness.  We threw out the “14 hour workday badge” a long time ago.
  • Very little patience for ego driven leaders.  We are champions for smart collaboration.
  • A pervasive coaching mindset, knowing that we learn together, grow together, and win together every day.  We believe in stewardship and work hard every day to leave this place better than when we found it.
  • A uncompromisingly high bar on ethics.  We do the right thing even when its inconvenient to do so.
  • A belief that diversity matters.  Teams with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences always land better outcomes.  We like new ideas and we need people who challenge our status quo.
  • Evidence that we are pretty good at what we do, balanced with a core belief that we can always do better.
You Have:
  • A passion for learning.  You were born smart and work hard every day to stay relevant.
  • Olympic level problem solving, communication, and project management skills.  You understand organizational complexity and how to thrive within it.  You know your audience and communicate in ways that resonate with them.  
  • A high level of emotional intelligence.  It’s a survival skill here.
  • A love for change and the ability to pivot to new spaces at speed.
  • The ability to let data speak for itself and create new hypothesis.  You know how to find data driven insights and use these insights to shape your path forward.
  • The ability to work in a “peaks and valleys” world.  You can sustain an intense pace when needed and understand the importance of recovery periods.  
You Might Also Have:
  • Fluency in the science of learning
  • Been a student of leadership development theory.  Maybe you’ve even had the chance to bring theory to practice. 
  • Acumen in one or more corporate functions including:   Corporate Strategy, HR, Marketing, and Finance.
  • Experience/Fluency in the Communications, Media, and Technology Industry, Technology Delivery, Technology Strategy, Artificial Intelligence.  
  • Been a college professor.  Or a soccer coach.  Or a board member for a community group. 
  • A background in Service Design.  Perhaps you are a Design Thinking expert!
  • Worked as part of an Agile team.  Or at least read a book on Agile methodology. 
  • Some experience working with distributed, cross cultural teams. 
Your Days Might Sound Like This, As You: 
  • Focus on Growth:  "Rather than trying to solve for all twelve of those challenges, let’s identify the areas for greatest opportunity to focus in our next sprint.  The others will move to our backlog.”
  • Advocate for the Learner: “I agree that getting everyone together for a five day classroom course would be a lot of fun.  But let me suggest a blend of different instructional methods that would be more likely to create the lasting leadership skills we need.”
  • Champion the New: “If we move these three legacy areas over to vendor training, we can free up capacity for us put more attention on our Industry X.0 Academy.”
  • Design for Experience:  “Taking our ethnographic research into account, we know this audience values networking and collaborating time.  Let’s design these peer learning cohorts to maximize connections across our people.”
  • Invest Wisely: “Our forecast suggests that we are on a path for overspend by Q3.  Let’s step back and take a Zero-Based Budgeting approach to our next six months." 
Before You Go:
We love “learning and leadership development people”, but you don’t need to have prior learning design or teaching experience to land a job with us.  Our team members include former consultants, fire fighters, paralegals, US Marines, game designers, and more.   We truly believe that if you bring the core skills – business acumen, problem solving, communication – along with a passion for learning, we can get you up and running on the learning science and process part in just a few short months.  
We look forward to talking with you!


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