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Internal Advocate

Lugar de trabajo: Buenos Aires

Regional Description: Argentina

Número de la posición: 00605065


- Descripción de la posición

The Internal Advocate is a part of the HR Shared Services Team and aligns our internal talent to open with open opportunities.  The Internal Advocate Specialist is aligned to specific requisitions and will support employees with the internal transfer process.  

Job Description:

· Works with employees to move them through the internal transfer process

· Is familiar with Accenture HR policies and answers employees’ questions about the transfer/conversion process 

· Daily monitoring of candidate activity for roles that are assigned

· Provides regular updates and feedback to recruiting partners and stakeholders 

· Provides regular updates to candidates regarding their progress/status in the process

· Uses recruitment systems appropriately and with a focus on data integrity to ensure accurate reporting and compliance to data protection legislation 

· Is aware of the regional and business needs of the stakeholders they support 

1 English P3 Advanced

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