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Niche Sourcing Specialist

Lugar de trabajo: Buenos Aires

Regional Description: Argentina

Número de la posición: 00605064


- Descripción de la posición

The Niche Sourcing Specialist is regionally aligned and part of the HR Shared Services Team providing top talent to Accenture s business stakeholders. Niche Sourcing Specialists are committed to developing strong external candidate relationships with a diverse slate to ensure that Accenture s business leaders have visibility to a well rounded candidate pool. Additionally, the Niche Sourcing Specialist will work closely with, and provide guidance to, Fulfilment Specialists who will provide sourcing and administrative support. The Niche Sourcing Specialist s key responsibilities will be to uncover talent through creative sourcing channels. They will create a positive candidate experience while pre screening talent to submit to their recruiting partners. They will assist in customizing sourcing strategies for unique niche profiles, and will provide transparent reporting on their sourcing activities.
1 English P3 Advanced

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