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UKTV: SAP business bydesign SaaS implementation

One of the UK’s largest TV service companies tapped us to determine the right cloud technology for them and lead critical software upgrades. We delivered – ahead of schedule.


UKTV enlisted the support of Accenture to select and implement SAP Business ByDesign to meet its cloud-based ERP needs.

UKTV is one of the largest multichannel television providers in the United Kingdom and owes much of its growth to an energetic drive for innovation. Following a change of ownership, UKTV was required to base its processes on its own independent ERP system, with a cloud-based solution as the preferred choice.

UKTV enlisted the support of Accenture to help determine the right cloud-based application for their needs. SAP Business ByDesign was chosen due to its cost-effectiveness, solution simplicity and the SAP brand.

Accenture’s deep and field tested experience in SAP Business ByDesign-based solutions stood out to UKTV when they selected Accenture to lead the implementation.

The target timescales to select, implement and complete migration to the target deadline were challenging — and UKTV needed an ally that could support each stage of the project.

As a result of the implementation, UKTV successfully and smoothly transitioned from their legacy finance system several months ahead of schedule—delivering cost savings, and enabling new capabilities like better control through purchase approvals and enhanced reporting capabilities to improve month-end activities.


Finding the best solution is just part of the battle – Getting it done right, and on time, is just as important.

UKTV’s business growth and separation from one of its shareholding companies created the need for a transition from their legacy finance ERP system.

The challenge was not only to find an innovative and flexible ERP solution to fit UKTV’s specific needs, but also to find a systems implementer with the skills and knowledge to execute the right solution with speed and accuracy.

UKTV selected Accenture because of our in-depth industry experience and knowledge of systems integration, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud solutions spread across a global network.


Working with UKTV’s head of IT, financial director and CFO, Accenture helped UKTV evaluate 12 different products over six weeks using accelerators to determine the right fit with UKTV.

As an early adopter of technology, employing iPads, mobile apps and social media in its day-to-day work, UKTV clearly understood the benefits, speed-to-market, breadth of functionality and lower cost implications of an innovative cloud solution—making SAP Business ByDesign a good choice for their finance ERP needs.

SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive, fully integrated, innovative cloud/SaaS, on-demand business management solution from SAP.

Cloud solutions are cost-effective to purchase, deploy, and manage—and they deliver rapid time to value, which was of particular interest to UKTV.Accenture implemented nine business processes centered on financial management and procurement. This included the following, spanning all SAP Business ByDesign implementation phases:

  • 33 standard configuration items
  • 20 data migration objects
  • 21 custom developments

Working successfully with UKTV’s chosen banking provider, Accenture also managed the implementation of banking software that interfaced with SAP Business ByDesign to help verify that we met timelines with highly used automation for accuracy and speed.


Accenture delivered a customized solution, which balanced maximum fit with UKTV’s requirements while leveraging the excellent processes SAP Business ByDesign offers—on time and on budget.

Results included:

  • Migration of more than 1,500 customers and suppliers, hundreds of purchase orders, services and accounting information across 10 profit centers to the new application in just three days.
  • Delivery of targeted communications to all UKTV employees, customers and suppliers, clearly explaining the situation and who to contact to raise awareness and smooth transition.
  • Execution of more than 100 end-to-end tests to reduce risk and demonstrate that the application could function as required.
  • The planning, management and execution of a seamless transition to go-live involving multiple internal and external parties.