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Tabcorp: Digital strategy 2020—Satisfying the customer of the future

Defining a digital strategy using digital capabilities to meet the emerging needs of future customers.


Tabcorp is a leading provider of gambling and entertainment brands in Australia, including TAB, Luxbet, Sky Racing, Sky Sports Radio, Keno and Tabcorp Gaming Solutions. The company employs over 3,000 people and serves millions of customers across its wagering, gaming services, media and international, and Keno business groups. In FY13, the company generated revenues of approximately $2 billion.

The wagering industry has changed significantly in recent years due to the rise of online betting services. Tabcorp’s retail outlets are now facing growing competition from online-only wagering companies that offer enhanced customer services and more real-time interaction. Many of these online-only companies are backed by large, international organisations, which enables them to minimise costs and offer more attractive odds by using their pre-existing digital capabilities.

Tabcorp had commenced a program to get immediate improvements in their digital capabilities, however sought help to develop a longer term strategy to compete against the online-only players. The goal of the strategy would be to increase the company’s focus on its digital presence and enhance the integration between its online and physical retail assets to enable a seamless customer experience. This strategy would help excite the organisation about digital innovation and address internal barriers to change.

The Approach


Accenture worked with Tabcorp during a 10-week engagement to help it develop its Digital Strategy 2020. The strategy focused on defining how Tabcorp’s wagering customers would look and behave in 2020, and how the company could take advantage of digital capabilities to meet the emerging needs of future customers.

Accenture laid the ground work for the digital strategy by assessing and reporting on Tabcorp’s current service experiences, and identifying which aspects it could enhance to meet its customers’ expected requirements. The team also analysed global digital trends; focusing on how leading organisations, particularly in the retail, media and financial services industries, were using digital capabilities to enhance their customers’ experiences.

In developing the strategy, Accenture worked with Tabcorp to identify key customer experiences across the betting lifecycle and target areas on which Tabcorp needed to focus. Included in this analysis were recommendations around which areas required Tabcorp to take a market-leading position, and which required at least market parity.

These outputs were then fed into service design—incorporating Accenture’s significant capability acquired through the acquisition of Fjord—to take the high level target experiences and positioning, and turn them into a range of actual products and services that could be offered to the Tabcorp customer.


Accenture drew on research from its innovation centres and technology labs to provide Tabcorp with current data on global customer and industry trends, and digital advancements. The strategy was also influenced by customer service delivery research from digital design agency Fjord, which is now part of the Accenture Group.

Tabcorp’s digital strategy project is one of the first in the region where Accenture has drawn together experience from its strategy, service design and digital business areas. The successful endeavour has led Tabcorp to work with Accenture again as it moves into the service design stage of the digital strategy.


What's Next?