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Large US residential servicer: Claims processing BPO

Helping a large US residential servicer speed up its claims-filing process with claims processing BPO, realizing immediate cost savings of $1.6 million.


This residential servicer, one of the United States’ largest and fastest-growing, offers a broad array of mortgage products. In 2012, the non-depository lender and servicer employed more than 2,500 people.

Under an aggressive portfolio acquisition strategy, the servicer experienced hyper-growth in its business. Along with higher revenue, the strategy increased the servicer’s burden of claims filings to more than 3,000 each month.



The increased burden of claims filings meant that extra time and special attention was needed to examine prior servicers’ pre-final claims and amend any shortfalls in claimable amounts. The heavier workload was causing a backlog of several thousand loan claims.

Company executives recognized that they needed an additional senior-level servicing and claims specialty to infuse more rigor in the servicer’s operations and solve process deficiencies—specialties that the servicer did not have internally.

Facing the risk of missed deadlines and regulatory noncompliance—potentially tens of millions of dollars in losses—the company turned to Accenture.

Accenture offered a ready solution for filing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and private mortgage insurance claims quickly, efficiently and effectively. The solution was backed by Accenture’s extensive mortgage industry experience and business process outsourcing (BPO) services leadership.

Through our Claims Processing BPO service, Accenture files or reviews more than 275,000 claims annually and transacts nearly $20 million worth of claims value each month on behalf of our clients. It is part of Accenture Credit Service’s comprehensive residential mortgage BPO service offerings that address the entire lending and servicing value chain.

Accenture created an end-to-end claims process with effective controls, including tollgate dates and risk assessment.


To speed up its claims-filing process with accuracy and efficiency, the servicer signed a multi-year contract with Accenture to deliver default claims processing services. Accenture is filing all the servicer’s default claims—initial, supplemental and final.

During the transformation and transition phases, an Accenture team of senior domain leads and BPO specialists conducted a cost-benefit analysis (covering scale-up and scale-down projections) and created an end-to-end claims process with effective—controls, including tollgate dates and risk assessment.


Since transferring its claims service to Accenture in late 2012, the servicer has garnered impressive results:

  • Rapid recovery of more than $10 million in servicing advances

  • Access to essential claims talent

  • 99.95 percent compliance

  • 100 percent on-time delivery

  • Timely reporting of performance metrics

  • Immediate cost savings of more than $1.6 million through rapid scale deployment

The claims solution from Accenture is providing the servicer greater confidence to continue on their path to high performance.

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