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Preparing an insurance business for digital sales transformation

Accenture helps Thai insurer develop comprehensive digital roadmap for transforming its business to meet digital trends in the industry.


This company sought to become a leading digital insurer in Thailand, and needed a plan to understand digital trends in the industry and transform its business accordingly.

Accenture helped the insurer create a comprehensive digital roadmap with best practices case studies, focusing on the three key objectives: driving increased customer sales and improved experience, extending sales and support for agent partners and embracing digital amongst the employee workforce.

Simultaneously, three pilot projects were executed by teams consisting of both client employees and Accenture digital specialists, to facilitate knowledge transfer and assist in building the client’s employee capabilities.

As digital insurance develops both nationally and regionally, this Thai insurer will find increasing benefits from the digital roadmap on its journey to high performance.


The insurer planned to become one of the leading digital insurers in Thailand, and wanted to develop a forward-looking understanding of how digital trends in life insurance are likely to affect their market. To gain the benefits of a body of experience in analysis and digital transformation, the insurer turned to Accenture for help completing a comprehensive analysis and developing a roadmap to broaden their own digital expertise.


Accenture worked with the insurer to develop a comprehensive digital roadmap. Together, they created a digital operating model (which was subsequently implemented) and managed the implementation of three successful pilots:

  • Launching a multi-device enabled microsite for capturing online leads, establishing real -ime digital analytics capability, and establishing a set of validated designs for revamp of the corporate website.

  • Introducing product marketing capabilities through social media, resulting in improved lead generation and new social sales.

  • Developing a proof of concept for the insurer's employee portal, and establishing an internal usability testing capability within the insurer’s digital team.

Accenture helped develop a comprehensive digital roadmap for achieving the insurer's digital goals with a focus on its key stakeholders: customers, employees and partners.


The foundational work delivered by Accenture and the insurer's teams enables expansion into the digital realm with a concrete strategic plan. The desired end-state focuses on the three key digital stakeholders:

  • Customers will benefit from their increasing relevance, as digital data is leveraged to segment users and tailor seamless experiences across all devices and channels.

  • Agents and partners will find integrated multi-device tools providing an empowering single portal integrating all sales, servicing and management capability.

  • Employees will enjoy increased efficiency through the tools of a single employee portal, with lowered recruitment costs also anticipated.

As the digital insurance market develops both nationally and regionally, this Thai insurer will benefit from a digital roadmap on its journey to high performance.

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