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Petrom: Refinery maintenance

Accenture delivers a world-class refinery maintenance solution to help Petrom achieve high performance.


Petrom is a leading energy company in southeastern Europe with large oil and gas reserves.

Petrom turned to Accenture for help with improving the performance of its Petrobrazi refinery.


Petrom had an overall goal of managing and decreasing its maintenance budget and increasing the reliability and availability of the Petrobrazi refinery.

Additional benefits sought by Petrom included:

  • Improving the forward planning of maintenance work.

  • Standardizing and optimizing maintenance.

  • Increasing preventive maintenance and decreasing corrective maintenance.

  • Integrating new approaches and processes.

  • Managing change and user acceptance.


Leveraging Accenture Plant and Automation Solutions, Petrom and Accenture:

  • Reviewed Petrom’s existing maintenance function and proposed a new, optimized structure with clear accountability.

  • Developed and implemented processes and procedures for the long-term planning of work.

  • Developed a performance dashboard with key performance indicators to measure maintenance levels.

  • Developed training materials and coached staff on the reliability-centered maintenance methodology.

  • Optimized the preventive maintenance function, identified critical spare parts and recommended inventory management procedures.

  • Executed a cost analysis to help identify areas for additional improvement.


Working with Accenture, Petrom:

  • Increased focus on preventive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance.

  • Implemented a controlled maintenance strategy with forward planning.

  • Optimized and standardized work methods with clear responsibilities.

  • Increased focus on core work and decreased attention to superfluous activities.

  • Improved knowledge and coordination with other activities and departments.

  • Achieved higher reliability and availability of the Petrobrazi refinery.

  • Obtained a better understanding and use of SAP functionalities.

  • Increased control over maintenance spending, resulting in a 10 percent decrease in annual maintenance budget.

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