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NSW Department of Education and Communities: Learning Management and Business Reform program

Transforming how teachers, educators and staff deliver better service.


The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (DEC) delivers all phases of public education in the state—from early childhood through to post-compulsory education and vocational training. With a strong focus on promoting lifelong learning, DEC educates approximately 70 percent of students in New South Wales. Its agencies, facilities and targeted programs serve students, parents, communities, partners and industry.

The Department of Education and Communities recognized that the architecture of existing IT systems limited its ability to meet future requirements. The existing systems were seen as technically complex and increasingly costly to maintain.

DEC began to transform how teachers and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) staff access resources, improve administrative processes, and provide better insights into educational and student information. This business transformation involves improving the way DEC provides its services, and modernizing its finance, human resources, payroll, and student administration systems. The project is called the Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR) program.

The program is supporting an end-to-end service that transforms how teachers and departmental staff deliver integrated services to more than 1.4 million students across the state.

By bringing together technology, innovation, knowledge and quality service, DEC will be better positioned to serve its customers and partners in a sustainable, efficient, and effective way.

The LMBR program directly supports the Department’s three key priorities:

  • Quality teaching and leadership – to develop the Department’s teachers and leaders in education and increase their capacity to deliver outcomes

  • High expectations, closing the gaps – to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and participate fully in our society

  • New and better ways of doing business – to develop our staff and support them in delivering excellence, through strong partnerships with others including parents and families, industry, and non-government education providers.

DEC selected Accenture as its LMBR program transformation services provider. The Accenture team is helping to develop a new way of service delivery and work alongside the Department to transform the Department’s operations to deliver targeted business benefits. This involves modernizing student administration and learning management functions for schools and TAFE institutes and to implement an integrated SAP system for human resources and finance across the organization.


The LMBR Program intends to roll out an end-to-end solution that helps deliver the Department’s business objectives, integrating the people, process and tool.

The NSW State Government reform agenda focuses on integrating services and realizing a more “citizen focus”.

The LMBR Program supports this agenda by improving the range of services available to students, parents and industry groups. The program will also enhance service delivery channels and improve administrative processes, providing more time for teaching and learning.

The LMBR Program supports NSW Public Schools focus on providing quality education under the new educational reform agenda. It is designed to help schools to:

  • deliver quality educational outcomes

  • support student wellbeing and development

  • plan and monitor effectiveness of service delivery to students

  • expand information flow between schools and the community

  • support increased local decision making

  • replace ageing and inefficient systems and processes with a new, integrated IT solution.

In addition to supporting TAFE to provide quality education under the new educational reform agenda, the LMBR Program also reflects a number of TAFE reform priorities, which include helping TAFE to:

  • provide the capability to manage the end to end student lifecycle – enrolment to completion

  • provide contemporary tools, such as Employee and Manager Self Service, to manage the workforce

  • deliver one payroll for all TAFE staff

  • integrate human resources, payroll and financial systems

  • enable data integration to support improve financial management.

Departmental wide
By streamlining services, DEC is helping employees spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on higher-value activities. The LBMR Program involves significant transformation. It impacts business solutions, technology, processes—and most importantly—people and the way they work. Considering the extent of this transformation across schools, TAFE and Corporate, a well-qualified transformation service provider with experience with large-scale and complex change was essential to work with the Department to help achieve the targeted benefits of the program.


As the transformation service provider, Accenture is helping to develop new business processes and replacing existing student administration, learning management, financial and human resources applications in schools and TAFE institutes.

The LMBR program involves new integrated end-to-end services which are focused on the students being deployed over a number of releases.

These systems will operate across schools, TAFE and corporate offices, helping to streamline processes and enhance productivity. It is a fundamental part of DEC’s larger transformation agenda to enhance critical learning management and student administration services.

The Accenture team is helping DEC implement the business transformation supported by the key business solutions: Student Administration and Learning Management (SALM), Finance and HR/Payroll, delivering outcomes and helping to deliver on the reform agenda priorities as outlined above.

Accenture is working collaboratively with the Department utilizing cost effective services through its Global Delivery Network and team of highly professional people focused on the true business benefits this program will help deliver.


The LMBR Program implementation started in April 2007, and it is scheduled to be completed at the end of December 2014. Working together, DEC and Accenture are focused on the rollout of the HR and Payroll functions, core financial functions and critical student administration solutions across schools, TAFE Institutes and corporate offices.

By building a modern and student focused service delivery model, DEC is creating a solid foundation to meet current and future needs as a high performance government department. DEC’s 100,000 strong employee network of teachers, TAFE workers and administrators will be able to rely on a fully integrated system which provides them with the information and support they need, ultimately allowing them to spend more time on the things that matter most – educating and promoting lifelong learning for the students of NSW.