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National minority supplier development council: Strategy and five-year roadmap

Accenture helps the National Minority Supplier Development Council develop a strategic plan and actionable roadmap for its journey to high performance


In America’s $14.5 trillion economy, minority businesses account for more than $1 trillion in gross receipts, with revenue growth rates more than double those of other companies. In the supplier diversity market, total purchasing activity topped $100 billion in 2010.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) is a national membership organization focused on providing a direct link between corporate America and minority-owned businesses. NMSDC’s 2,500 corporate members represent some of America’s largest publicly owned, privately owned and foreign-owned companies—including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 100—as well as universities, hospitals, government agencies and other buying institutions with a commitment to supplier diversity. NMSDC serves more than 13,000 minority business enterprises (MBEs) that represent a range of race/ethnicity, industry and business scale. NMSDC’s regional affiliates across the country are responsible for certifying and matching MBEs with members that have the relevant procurement needs.


As it neared its 40th anniversary in 2012, NMSDC realized it needed a common direction for the organization to continue to successfully serve its customers in light of challenging economic environments, changing corporate procurement requirements and advances in technology usage. NMSDC engaged Accenture to develop a five-year strategy for the organization, accompanied by a plan to implement the strategy and related recommendations. Through the collaboration, NMSDC aims to enhance its ability to increase procurement opportunities for minority-owned businesses.

Accenture assessed NMSDC’s technology, organization, operations, programs and services, and other areas to help identify current maturity levels and provide actionable recommendations on next-generation opportunities.

In particular, Accenture:

  • Worked closely with senior NMSDC staff and leadership to develop the organization’s strategy.

  • Communicated details of the new strategic plan and gained approvals from the NMSDC executive committee.

  • Assessed NMSDC’s current state, including technology, governance, member services, processes, communications, people/culture and operating environment.

  • Documented a future state for NMSDC operations to guide implementation initiatives, as well as a definition of an ideal state and detailed recommendations to leadership.

  • Gathered feedback and input from national staff, regional affiliates, minority businesses and corporations regarding NMSDC’s current operations and potential opportunities for improvement.


Through an inclusive process, Accenture delivered an actionable, five-year strategic plan that documented the organization’s updated mission, vision and goals as well as recommended actions around six core initiatives, including technology modernization, business process standardization and targeted services.

The strategic planning process aligned NMSDC’s diverse stakeholder groups, including minority businesses, non-profit affiliate councils and large corporate members. NMSDC’s board of directors, composed largely of chief procurement officers (CPOs) and supplier diversity professionals, was heavily involved and critical to the ongoing success of the project. Accenture engaged the board and empowered leadership to drive the transformation of the organization.

In addition, the strategic planning process generated momentum to move the organization forward as Accenture worked closely with NMSDC to empower its staff and stakeholders to work individually and as a whole toward this new shared vision. Moreover, Accenture guided NMSDC through the first phases of the implementation to ensure success beyond the strategic planning process. This implementation planning was led by the board, including 13 members of the Fortune 100 and representatives from all of NMSDC’s stakeholder groups.

Through its collaboration with Accenture, NMSDC has created a sound strategic direction to guide its progress on the journey to becoming a high-performing organization.