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City of Mons Police: European Capital of Culture 2015 deploys public safety solution

Accenture delivers a police technology video analytics solution to manage public safety and security during the MONS 2015 launch event.


The Mons Police Force, in cooperation with the National Police Force of France, decided to deploy advanced police technology analytic capabilities into video monitoring systems used in the city.

By doing so, the public safety solutions were intended to increase situational awareness, streamline operations and enhance the response times of the police to public safety incidents throughout the opening ceremony of the city’s 2015 tenure as European Capital of Culture.

"The city of Mons in Belgium was designated the European Capital of Culture 2015 (along with Plzen in the Czech Republic), launching the start of a year-long celebration of cultural activities in January 2015."


Mons public safety officials needed to address a number of logistics and transportation challenges to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors including; manage a steady flow of traffic, offer assistance to people with unexpected emergencies, maintain law and order, enable access for authorized personnel and be responsive to external security threats, such as terrorist alerts.

Collaborating with the Mons police and the mobile video unit of the French Police, Accenture set up its police technology video analytics solution to manage public safety and security throughout the launch event. Following the installation of 10 mobile video cameras at strategic locations by the French National Police, Accenture deployed our Video Analytics Service Platform which was configured to provide real time analysis of the video feeds to provide relevant, timely information and alerts to the Mons police.

By adding an automated video analytics system to the traditional video protection network, the police were able to detect and evaluate more incidents and anomalies, providing a better service to citizens and improving security at the event. In particular, the solution helped to avoid congestion and overcrowding in the main streets of the city and meant the Mons police force could make more informed decisions about access to high-traffic areas to improve public safety.