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Major European bank: Core Banking Support Services

Helping a major European bank increase efficiency significantly through Core Banking Support Services.


Our client is a major European bank with strong roots in more than 20 European countries and offices in more than 40 other markets.

As part of a global financial institution, the bank is subject to the changing conditions of its domestic market and the fluctuating market conditions in Europe. Following the European downturn beginning in 2008, budget constraints and IT operational challenges began to affect the bank’s regional growth. Compounding the problem was the fact the bank’s technology was already outdated, which decreased productivity and increased demand for services from the IT department.


As part of its technology improvement initiative, the bank deployed Oracle’s core banking system, FLEXCUBE. This implementation was set to provide a stable working environment that would support their day-to-day operations while also offering system flexibility for future developments.

The implementation, however, required process improvements, system adjustments and the dedicated attention of the company’s IT department. The bank would need a trusted outsourcing partner to manage its help desk and support service centers so that internal staff could focus their resources on the FLEXCUBE deployment. Following the implementation, the bank would also require assistance with the ongoing management of FLEXCUBE, as well as advice on their IT infrastructure across China.


By outsourcing their core banking support services to Accenture, the bank’s IT department was able to focus on the system improvements required for the implementation of FLEXCUBE, resulting in improvements in productivity and reduced IT service issues from employees. Accenture’s team of experts helped the IT staff manage the transition and provided post-implementation support.

With Accenture’s help, the Chinese arm of the major European bank was able to seamlessly transition to FLEXCUBE without any disruptions to their help desk and service support centers. Accenture’s post-implementation recommendations led to a reduction in IT system-related problems and a reduction in the time required to resolve issues.

Accenture is continuing to manage the bank’s help desk and service support centers, as well as managing the company’s national core banking system upgrades. Additionally, Accenture continues to advise the bank on their national IT infrastructure and, in 2012, played a key role in the IT planning of a new branch in Guangzhou.



Within the first year, the bank’s arrangement with Accenture yielded a number of benefits, including:

  • A 75 percent reduction in alerts for system-related problems.

  • A 75 percent reduction in time required for issue resolution.

  • A 15 percent reduction in IT problem tickets logged with the department resulting from the deployment of FLEXCUBE.

Three years later, the bank has maintained these efficiency benefits and its own IT resources have been able to focus on initiatives that create greater value for the bank.

Accenture’s recommendations led to a reduction in IT system-related problems and a reduction in the time required to resolve issues.

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