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European telecoms retailer PaaS case study with Accenture

A recent PaaS case study examines a platform launch to expand global business.


Accenture is helping a leading European telecommunications retailer launch and deliver a new business service around the world with local retailers, carriers and manufacturers. Accenture and the retailer are creating a technology platform as a service that encapsulates the retailer’s skills, processes and technologies developed over years and could be easily adapted by clients to offer a seamless customer experience.


A leading European telecommunications retailer and services company wanted to launch new businesses around the world with local retailers, carriers and manufacturers through its business-to-business division. It would sell its technology platform as a service, encapsulating all the skills, processes and technologies it has developed over the years to offer clients and their customers a seamless retail experience. The retailer collaborated with Accenture in a 10-year agreement to help build a new platform that could be easily adapted by clients.


Accenture helped design, build and maintain a scalable, reusable new technology platform that streamlines mobile phone retailing processes and provides a seamless, consistent customer experience across channels. The platform consists of a store associate application, user application, activation engine and commercial integration solution that handles multiple carriers, designed to operate across consumer channels. The team also implements and supports the platform and development infrastructure for all new clients. User-friendly mobile tools also help simplify and personalize the selection process across channels for sales staff and consumers alike.


The new platform is helping the retailer rapidly expand its business in developed and emerging markets. The new capabilities, like credit and fraud checks, have reduced the time involved in the sale and activation of mobile phones to as little as 10 minutes. In the United Kingdom, some 5,000 sales associates at the retailer now carry tablets with them to support their daily tasks, such as checking stock room availability.