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Leading agribusiness & food company: Business intel for strategic decisions

Accenture implemented a business intelligence system at a leading agribusiness and food company to help in strategic decision making.​​


Accenture implemented an SAP-based business intelligence system at an agribusiness and food company to help management analyze trends across time and geography and make faster and more effective business decisions aided by various analytical reports.

The client is China’s largest agribusiness and food company with integrated operations stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf. It operates in a volatile and politically charged environment and recognized it will not achieve its aggressive growth plans without more sophisticated and timely business intelligence.

The agribusiness and food company has aggressive growth plans that call for increased sophistication in business intelligence and management decision making.

To meet these challenges, the client sought to improve its business performance by enhancing the systematic performance analysis, data integration and internal information sharing among its management organization as well as 12 business centers.


In addition to the business intelligence system implementation, Accenture also helped set up an analytics framework and developed an innovative mobile application to facilitate consolidation and analysis of business unit data at the group level.

The application provides senior executives with a single view of important data and information and aids strategic decision making.

Impressed by Accenture’s strong capabilities in business intelligence strategy and implementation, the company selected Accenture as its ally to enhance its data integration, systematic performance analysis and internal information sharing capabilities.

With the new BI and data management systems in place, the client’s senior management now has access to more accurate reporting, integrated view of information across the company and analytics-driven insights that help them track business in real time and make more informed decisions at speed.