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Large silicon manufacturer: End to end system integration

Read how Accenture Mobility Software Services helped a large silicon manufacturer’s baseport activities.


Accenture Mobility Software Services took responsibility for a large silicon manufacturer’s base port activities, including new hardware, interaction with third parties and customization of the platform for specific OEM requirements. By providing end-to-end system integration, we enabled the company to reduce operational costs.


Accenture Mobility Software Services provided:

  • End-to-end delivery of the base port of an updated operating system to a new target chipset.

  • Responsibility for integrating, testing and supporting new disruptive multimedia and graphics components.

  • Integration and debugging of third-party vendor components.

  • Fine tuning of system-wide performance, including multimedia subsystems.

  • Took on full responsibility of development and maintenance of client code, development tools and platform testing.


By providing end-to-end system integration, we:

  • Reduced operational costs by providing end-to-end system integration that included third-party and OEM interfaces.

  • Facilitated client’s objective to focus on upcoming products and new technologies.

  • Agreed on a commercial approach with an innovative “seed investment plus royalties” business model.

  • Developed a new distributed delivery model for the United Kingdom, Japan and India based on Accenture’s Agile delivery methodology.

  • Supported on-time shipment of the smartphone by the OEM end customer into a new market.

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