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Large global bank turns to Accenture to design and deliver a new global network

Accenture uses advanced Cisco technologies to help improve the bank’s customer and employee communications.


With more efficient operations and improved carrier contracting, Accenture has helped the bank to lower annual costs for supporting more than 7,500 sites in 40 countries.

This global bank serves tens of millions of customers in more than 40 countries through a number of brands. It has thousands of offices, branches and cash machines worldwide.

Accenture reduced infrastructure operating expenses by $235 million, well beyond the initial target of $180 million.


After years of acquisitions, the bank’s infrastructure consisted of multiple voice, data and IT networks with limited integration. Each brand and each office ran on a separate network, serving 150,000 end-users and more than 20,000 call center agents. Aging equipment and separate carrier contracts exacerbated the issues arising from this complex network environment.

The client recognized the opportunity to support a broader business agenda by consolidating its multiple networks, improving the management of its carrier contracts and driving efficiency with a single operating model. The bank expected these efforts to reduce annual costs by $180 million within two years and turned to Accenture for help.

Accenture transitioned all network operations to a global network operating center, where it provides central program control and governance.


As the architect for the transformation, Accenture designed and delivered a simplified and agile network to support all voice and data traffic globally, collapsing legacy networks and establishing a centralized cloud-based service. The infrastructure is based on Cisco communications technology and includes LANs, regional WANs, IP telephony, video conferencing, collaboration tools, IP services, mobile technology, Internet access and call center voice.

Within six weeks of contract signature, Accenture has taken accountability for running the network, which underpins all of the services the bank provides—from traders in Hong Kong to retail payment transactions to call centers to the vast global estate of branches and ATMs

Accenture has transitioned all network operations to a global network operating center (GNOC), where it provides central program control and governance through a global operating model and an optimized workforce. Cisco advanced technologies support the unified communications and call center as-a-service model.

As a service aggregator, Accenture manages suppliers around the world through a small team of specialists. This team has the skills and bargaining strength to negotiate favorable rates with suppliers and significantly reduce carrier spend.


By working with Accenture to create a simplified network, the bank is on a path to high performance with fast, flexible, reliable connectivity for employees and customers. With the ability to accelerate productivity, the bank is repositioned to drive growth in the years ahead.

The bank is also positioned for greater competitiveness through its use of managed services. In the first two years, Accenture has reduced infrastructure operating expenses by $235 million, well beyond the initial target of $180 million.

The move to managed services has also reduced capital spending and transferred fixed costs to variable costs, giving the bank greater agility in responding to changes in the many markets it serves. The single operating model Accenture established helped the bank to respond to new opportunities for delivering tailored banking services, in particular through growing Internet and mobile technology channels.

With Accenture’s help, the bank now has the communications platform it needs to meet its five-year growth objectives.

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