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Large consumer products retailer: Defining mobile strategy for success

Read how Accenture Mobility Consulting Services helped a large consumer products retailer with disparate mobility initiatives define an overall strategy.


Accenture Mobility Consulting Services provided this retailer with a complete assessment of the impact mobility initiatives had on operations across in-store and outside the store field positions. After adoption of a common set of mobility requirements, we helped the retailer develop an integrated two year implementation roadmap.

The client had multiple sets of consumer and store mobility requirements documented, but not organized and prioritized based on business ROI and/or complexity. Store and consumer mobility initiatives were underway and needed to be mapped to a common mobile solutions and integrated roadmap.


  • Defined consumer and store mobility strategy and requirements by leveraging external industry best practices and aligning with internal strategic initiatives.

  • Assessed impact of identified requirements based on value and complexity (process, people, technology).

  • Reviewed and validated current inventory of data/web services needed to support functional requirements.

  • Reviewed and confirmed conceptual store mobility architecture diagram.

  • Developed an integrated roadmap aligned with consumer and store mobile solutions initiative.


  • Provided inventory of business requirements by documenting features and functions by capability area. Requirements were mapped to the targeted mobile solution.

  • Provided an impact assessment that documented the implications of the mobile roadmap on store operations at all levels across the in-store and “outside” the store field positions. The assessment will guide the change management plan throughout implementation.

  • Provided inventory of data interface of “as-is” and “to-be” data/web services and providers needed to support the requirements.

  • Documented a conceptual logical architecture diagram for the “to-be” architecture.

  • Supported both the consumer and the store mobility requirements and provided an integrated two-year roadmap.