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Large American bank: Accenture Credit Services loan modification

Providing fast, efficient end-to-end loan modification processing support for a large bank.


This American bank is one of the world's largest financial institutions. It serves consumers and organizations in more than 35 countries with banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk management offerings.

With many Americans struggling to avoid home foreclosure, the bank was flooded with requests for loan modifications. In 2010, the bank modified more than twice as a many mortgages as it modified in 2009. With the increasing cost of processing loan modifications, as well as the introduction of additional government and proprietary modification programs, the bank would need an outsourced solution to provide capacity in a quality environment.


Accenture Credit Services provides the bank with end-to-end loan modification processing support across a number of government and bank modification programs. Specifically, Accenture:

  • Manages borrower outreach for trial plan monitoring of Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) trials and alternative modifications, including handling loans from the first payment of the solicitation trial plan period through the final qualification review for a permanent modification.

  • Executes all non-customer-facing activities for processing to reach a final modification decision.

  • Provides end-to-end process support (currently ramping up) for new bank proprietary modification programs resulting from a Department of Justice and Attorney General settlement, which includes inbound calls, borrower outreach, document processing, program eligibility, trial payment monitoring and quality control.


The team scaled rapidly to meet client needs, adding 365 team members in less than four months. It has been recognized by the client for providing exceptional quality. The productivity highlights delivered by Accenture include:

  • Meeting or exceeding productivity service level agreements and quality standards for six consecutive months (greater than 96 percent in-line quality assurance).

  • Completing 22 units (discrete activities related to a loan in-process for modification) per day per active team member with productivity gains week-over-week.

  • Greater than 98 percent client call monitoring scores for five consecutive months.

  • 100 percent adherence to daily, weekly and monthly special reporting requests and routines.

  • Internal recognition by client as a “Tier 1” preferred outsourcing partner.

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