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Major Italian private bank: Mobile application for financial advisors

Accenture helps Italian financial services provider develop mobility application for sales and marketing efficiency, and improve audit compliance.


A major Italian private bank is an integrated distributor of financial, banking and insurance products. It has a network of more than 1,200 personal financial advisors and more than €20 billion of assets under management.

The bank asked Accenture to help it develop a tablet application to support personal financial advisors across the sales process.

The Everyday Bank: How Digital is Revolutionizing Banking and the Customer Ecosystem

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The bank’s personal financial advisors rejected the adoption of laptop computers for client meetings and preferred to rely on printed pamphlets and proposals. This approach was commercially less effective and costly to manage. More important, the bank’s management had some audit issues with the way the financial advisors conducted negotiations, particularly with regard to transparency with clients and the risk of fraud.


Accenture helped the bank develop an iPad application to support personal financial advisors across the sales process. The app provides the ability to take a real-time snapshot of customer accounts and incorporate this information into a presentation highlighting the bank’s investment products. The app is based on HTML5 and portable to Android and other operating systems. It is based on multi-device architecture to avoid vendor lock out.

With Accenture’s help, the bank now has a mobile application that has:

  • Increased personal financial advisor effectiveness.

  • Eliminated costs associated with paper management.

  • Minimized financial advisor rework and repeat trips between the office and the client.

  • Resolved the bank’s open audit issues relating to the sales process.

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