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Increasing sales with a transformed digital channel

Accenture helps Japanese insurer improve distribution capabilities to acquire and retain customers


To stimulate business growth in a market near saturation, this insurer envisioned a tablet-based application across all business operations, to acquire and retain good customers.

Accenture proposed a new sales support system leveraging tablet and HTML5 technologies to meet the insurer's business requirements including user friendliness, anytime-anywhere access and offline use capability. Accenture provided design and implementation expertise in delivering the new sales tool and also supplied program and project management expertise.

The insurer noted an increase in sales capacity, halving the average number of days taken to close new policies. The number of customer visits increased dramatically. At the same time, a significant reduction in paper-based work helped eliminate a large volume of manual validation operations reducing the rework caused by back-office error. The insurer expects a cost reduction of 30 percent resulting from the digitization, and expects to expand sales channel digitization as it continues to pursue high performance.