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Grupo Globo: Tracking the future of technology

Globo harnesses emerging technologies and game changing opportunities to drive innovation and growth


Grupo Globo is the largest media group in Latin America and Brazil’s undisputed leader across print, radio, broadcast TV and online channels. To maximize Globo’s potential as a digital disruptor, the Group needed to identify the emerging technologies and market trends most likely to change the game for its business, and the media industry, over the next five to ten years. It asked Accenture for help.


"Accenture leveraged its global network, connecting multidisciplinary skills for the success of this project."

Manager of the Future of Technology Project at TV Globo and Globo Technology Committee liaison


Seeking to take control of its digital destiny, Globo needed to anticipate how emerging technologies would drive change and create opportunities across each of its core business units in the years ahead.

To support this process, Globo’s Technology Committee was asked to design a forward-looking technology vision. As well as driving the Group’s business strategy in the decade ahead, this vision would provide a foundation for the continuous selection, implementation and delivery of new technology ideas to the business—the ideation process through which breakthrough innovations are achieved.


The Technology Committee asked Accenture to help them with this critical project. Assembling skills from its Media & Entertainment, Accenture Strategy, Accenture Technology Labs, Advanced Technology Architecture and Accenture Research practices, drawing on the latest Accenture thought leadership (including the Accenture Technology Vision 2014 and the latest Accenture Pulse of Media report), and working in close collaboration with C-level executives across Globo’s business, Accenture set out to answer two fundamental questions:

  • Which emerging technologies are most likely to influence the media industry over the next 5-10 years?

  • How will technology evolution influence new consumer behaviors and drive new marketplace trends?

To help Globo conceptualize the dimensions of its future technology landscape, and the relative maturities of emerging technologies within it, Accenture leveraged the Technology Innovation Radar.

Based on in-depth analysis, and grounded in a proof of concept being conducted by Accenture Technology Labs, the Technology Innovation Radar aggregates conceptual, emerging and improving technologies into categories, depending on the principal purpose for which these technologies are being developed. The layers within the radar map show the evolution of different technologies—such as wearables, 8k TV, the Internet of Things and nanotechnology—and their acceptance by the market. Taken together, the work provided unique holistic insight into which technologies are most likely to be adopted for mass personal and corporate use—and points the way forward to future business opportunities within the media industry.


By mapping emerging technologies to marketplace trends in this way, Accenture enabled Globo’s Technology Committee to ensure the challenges it presented would be tangible to the business. Drilling down deeper, Accenture correlated this holistic view of the future to Globo’s own business realities, highlighting the opportunities and challenges ahead and pinpointing the digital capabilities that the organization would need to develop on their digital journey.

In a digital world, successful innovation demands a close relationship between business and technology. By helping Globo to develop a forward-looking business strategy grounded in the transformational impact of technology across all its media channels, Accenture provided the Group with a pragmatic vision for ongoing high performance.


"We wanted to discuss the future of technology with our shareholders, but we did not have a clear view of how to make it tangible. Accenture not only helped us to develop a technology vision for the future, but they also packaged it in a way that made it easy to share with others. The results were outstanding."

General Director of Planning and Management at TV Globo. (Head of Technology, Digital Media, Human Capital, Finance & Procurement, Facilities & Real State and Strategic Planning.)