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Telecom operator transforms its technical workforce with mobile application

Using Mobile Enterprise Application to transform field technicians.


A global telecommunications operator increased satisfaction for nearly 13 million customers and improved the productivity of more than 4,000 technicians by working with Accenture to build and manage one of the most advanced mobile field technician applications in the world.

It has reduced customer complaints by 50 percent and technician no-shows by 70 percent, while saving 45–80 minutes of productive time per technician per day.

Today, the company continues to introduce new features and service improvements to transform its field technicians into a compelling differentiator for its business and a key driver to achieve customer satisfaction.


Breaking away from the conventional view of field technicians as an end of the process function and cost center, this global telecommunications operator decided to transform its technical workforce of more than 4,000 into a clear competitive differentiator and a key driver of customer satisfaction.

Some of the objectives included:

  • Reducing unit installation or repair cost by increasing technician productivity.

  • Decreasing the cost of scheduling each job.

  • Improving workforce efficiency.

  • Increasing agenda occupancy by distributing tasks evenly throughout working hours.

  • Increasing quality of installation and repairs while reducing failure and redo rates.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing complaints.


  • Collaborated to understand the profitability and strategic drivers of its business to find the proper solution.

  • Partnered with an industry leader in workforce planning and scheduling, customizing their solution to address the company’s complex requirements following a successful deployment, and providing support for the company’s Field Force Management application.

  • Performed code optimization in the “run” phase to enhance the performance, facilitate faster data processing, lower application response time and make future enhancements easier, reducing the lines of code from more than 700 to just 300.

  • Leveraged the Accenture Solution Factory for Mobility for ongoing support, providing a skilled team for maintenance and enhancement work—about 60 percent of incidents are new requirements.

  • Increased time, thanks to higher quality and fewer defects, to introduce innovations such as a self-help mobile training application for onboarding technicians and a new feature to automatically assign priority jobs for corporate customers to technicians.

  • Developed design and coding guidelines and established practices for the company’s future mobility application maintenance and enhancements.


The company has equipped more than 4,000 field technicians serving 13 million customers with the latest mobile technology to drive efficiency, productivity and accountability.

It also has reduced the technicians’ overtime cost by 15 percent, reduced technician no-shows by 70 percent, and saved 45–80 minutes of productive time per technician per day.

And, it has reduced customer complaints by 50 percent, through advanced service practices, transforming its field technicians into a compelling differentiator and driver for customer satisfaction.

Now, the company is able to sustain their mobility innovation by working with Accenture on an ongoing basis to develop new enhancements that make technicians more productive and customers satisfied.

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